Proteins: what is it? when and how to use it ?

Proteins: what is it? when and how to use it ?



Proteins are made up of small compounds called amino acids and there are 22 of them, and the body can make most of these amino acids except nine of them, are called essential amino acids. Since it has to be consumed from outside sources, and protein is one of the indispensable nutrients which are vital for building and maintaining muscles and muscle tissue, and hence they need it in large amounts.



How to use protein

It is common in people who use protein supplements for many reasons including; muscle building, or promoting body health or weight loss, because protein is one of the most essential nutrients for the health of the body, so it should be noted that protein is a mine of energy and helps to decrease the risk of disease and infection, they are essential for growth and help, repair damaged tissue in the body.

It should be noted that the human body does not need protein nutritional supplements if it follows a balanced, natural and nutritional diet. Among the tips that help to consume protein correctly:

People are advised before using protein nutritional supplements to know their daily requirements, as the increased consumption of protein can cause its breakdown and will not benefit from it, the more it will increase the protein. the strain on the liver and kidneys.

Do not use protein supplements unless a person's food intake is not sufficient for their daily needs. One of the symptoms that appear in a person when their protein intake is not enough is:


  •  Feeling very tired.
  •  Feeling weak when exercising, such as carrying heavy weights.
  • Slow recovery.

Do not use protein nutritional supplements before, during, or after exercise, as is common in people, the body does not need a lot of protein at these times, but it does need carbohydrates which are fuel for the muscles and help them recover after exercise, which is why the body needs a greater amount of carbohydrates compared to protein in a ratio of around 1-5, moreover, the People are recommended after exercise to drink fruits and milkshakes, or chocolate milkshakes, which contain the appropriate amount of protein and carbohydrates that the body needs.


The protein supplement is used as a snack during the day or it can be taken in place of a meal, but it is not recommended to be taken after exercise.