Sports exercises after meals (Top Advices)

Sports exercises after meals (Top Advices)


Sports exercises

For physical exercise, many people prefer to exercise before eating, so that they can move better and control movements more easily, as exercise immediately after eating can lead to lethargy and inability. to move freely, so there are specific exercises dedicated to exercising after eating food and the person has to learn until they can do all the exercises and their different forms.

After eating, a person should only eat small meals before exercising, it is good to divide the large main meals into several small meals to maintain a feeling of fullness, and for the exercise process to be smooth. easier and lighter on the person, and here are some of the special tips for exercising after eating:


Wait at least an hour after eating, and avoid starting to exercise immediately, as it can be harmful to the body and to public health.


Do light warm-up exercises such as stretching to prepare the body for exercise and to get rid of the state of inactivity and laziness that a person may have after eating.


Do digestion exercises to help the digestion process and get rid of the feeling of heaviness and laziness, and these exercises are usually done by lying on your back and sucking the abdomen in while holding the breath for at least 10 seconds, and continuing to do this for 10 minutes, and after completion, the person will notice the return of activity to his body and his ability to exercise better.


Avoid running or jumping immediately after eating, as this can lead to severe stomach pain, nausea and dizziness, and even vomiting.


Do not prolong the exercise and do it for a maximum period of one hour, so that the the person gradually prepares his body and gives it space and time for digestion and elimination of the food that has been eaten.


Tips for Exercising

Eat a healthy breakfast: if the hours of the exercise were in the morning it is mandatory to have breakfast at least one hour before starting the exercise, as this helps provide the person with the energy necessary to do so. full exercise, and some examples of the best foods for a healthy breakfast: whole grains, skim milk products, bananas, natural juices, and yogurt.



The distribution of meals and the introduction of snacks between them: the person must eat several small meals instead of three large meals, and the need to eat snacks between them, such as fruits and vegetables rich in fiber;



Eat Snacks and Low Calories After Exercise: To help build and strengthen muscle, you need to replace the fat that has been burned with extra muscle and some of those light foods: skim milk, fruits, and vegetables, and fruit juice formed (cocktail).