Social anxiety disorder (social phobia) - Symptoms, and treatment - Nutriblog

Social anxiety disorder (social phobia) - Symptoms, and treatment - Nutriblog


 Social phobia

Social phobia or social anxiety is a type of unexplained fear or disorder, and this condition appears when an individual talks or does something in front of a number of people, so that the person feels that he is the focus of attention and that the eyes are directed to him, so that he feels short of breath and acceleration In heart palpitations, trembling, dryness in the throat, and severe sweating, the occurrence of such a matter with a person undermines his self-confidence, which leads to his avoiding talking and working in front of the public, and increasing his fears, which makes him a prisoner of those fears in the future of what will worsen the situation over time. 

 Age of Social Phobia 

This phobia begins in the early childhood years or in the teenage years, and studies indicate that the emergence of this condition before entering school by fear of strangers, and it is repeated at the age of twelve to seventeen, through fear of Some criticism or social evaluation of the individual and this type of phobia or fear is rare during the age of fifteen and over. 

Social phobia is considered a chronic psychological disease despite its early emergence, and most people with this condition delay treatment despite knowing their affliction, for fear of facing their condition and being recognized or ashamed of it.

The person with this condition is exposed to a number of problems and losses at all levels, and for this reason and for this case is called (mental disability), and the state of phobia develops into disability due to the inability of the sufferer to address his problem and try to treat it through specialists, and this leads to his social, material, health, and professional losses. In addition, he is deprived of the sympathy and support that other sufferers enjoy.

Symptoms of social phobia and its treatment

The symptoms that accompany other socio-psychological phobias are anxiety, arena phobia, panic, psychological depression, alcohol abuse, and many fears, and social phobia is considered one of the widespread diseases, and many are ignorant of it, even the sufferers themselves are ignorant of this matter. The problem is exacerbated, and this phobia spreads more among men, especially the educated than women, and this matter is due to traditions and is the first seed of phobia, like cruelty to the child, makes him lose curiosity and curiosity to develop his perceptions, and the fear of punishment prevents him from innate exploration attempts To develop his awareness, which leads to his affliction with this condition at an early age, which worsens as he gets older.

The treatment of fear or social phobia is carried out by psychologists so that anti-fear medications are dispensed, and these drugs are considered safe, contrary to what is rumored about them, and their abuse does not lead to any kind of addiction, and provides a state of calm and relaxation for the injured in the treatment sessions, which are done through These sessions build self-confidence.