Summer Smoothie

These days, the summer is hotter than ever, as the temperatures seem to rise, and the weather tends to look more stifling summer than pleasant, and people find themselves trying to moisten their throats with refreshing cold drinks; Such as soft drinks, canned juices, or water, and people tend to choose a cocktail or natural fruit juice, and sometimes smoothies, so what is a smoothie? Is it healthy? If it is good for health, what are its benefits?

What is a smoothie?

Smoothies are a refreshing drink that contains many nutrients. The article mentions their types according to their content. In general, they contain two components. They are: the basic material called the base; It is the basis of smoothies, the liquid substance that appears in the form of juice; If the smoothie content of the liquid substance decreases, the person will obtain a thicker texture, and if it increases, the smoothie texture becomes smooth and more liquid. The smoothie contains many ingredients, including the following:

Fruits: Any type of fruit is used, most often bananas, apples, pineapples, berries, mangoes, or peaches.

Vegetables: any type of vegetable is suitable; Like carrots, beetroot, spinach, cucumber, and avocado.

Herbs or spices: on top of which are ginger, basil, cinnamon, parsley, coriander, and others.

Nuts and seeds: Add sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, pistachios, nut butter, or almond butter.

Liquids: including water, juices, milk, coconut water, and iced tea.

Sweeteners: These include maple syrup, honey, sugar, ice cream, or dates.

Other ingredients: Use cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, plain yogurt, vanilla emulsion, tofu, or oats.

But what distinguishes a smoothie from regular fruit juice is that the fruit bean used to make the smoothie is placed in the blender complete with its seeds and the outer crust only cut into pieces so that the blender can absorb it without peeling and removing the seeds. As for the regular juice, the seeds are removed from it, and this makes the smoothie contains a greater amount of Benefit.

Is smoothie good for health?

The issue of the health benefit of smoothies is not easily determined; It is related to the components used; Therefore, benefits are coupled with choices and personal taste, and the American Heart Association recommends reducing the amount of sugar, and a link between weight gain and heart disease has been shown. 

Therefore, reducing the amount of sugar is one of the factors that control a smoothie to become healthy. To reduce the amount of sugar further, nutrition experts advise adjusting the liquid base used and avoiding the use of fruit juice; Because it contains sugar. According to the fruit or vegetable used, smoothie offers a range of benefits mentioned in the following:

  • Reducing the risk of Alzheimer's disease.
  • Reducing arthritis pain.
  • Stimulation of metabolic processes.
  • Improve digestive health.
  • Help lower blood pressure.
  • Contribute to waking up. Regulating blood sugar.


Types of smoothies

As for the types of smoothies, there are many classifications, the most prominent of which are the following:

Smoothie protein: enter the proteins at the heart of the composition smoothies; Therefore, there are many protein-rich foods involved in the manufacture of smoothies; Such as plain yogurt, Greek yogurt, milk, cottage cheese, protein powder, and add fruits or vegetables for a palatable flavor.

Green smoothie: The green color of the smoothie comes from the presence of vegetables with dark green leaves, which form the basis of this type of smoothie, and which is considered the healthiest of them, away from the presence of sugars.

Fruit smoothie: According to the name, the base of this type of smoothie is fruit, and due to the base material, it contains large amounts of sugar, and fruit juice and ice cream are added to it.