Exercises To Burn  fat

Buttocks and thighs fat

The accumulation of fat is a problem for many people, and mostly in men in the abdominal area and obesity in these cases is likened to an apple, while fat accumulates in the thighs and buttocks area in women usually before menopause, and obesity then resembles a pear. 

Obesity is considered dangerous to health, and less likely to suffer a person from heart disease, blood vessels, and type II diabetes compared to an apple, but obesity is still showing a pear-shaped source of concern and a danger to human health.

Ways to reduce the buttocks

The process of losing fat in the buttocks area and burning calories can be accelerated by exercising and following healthy eating habits, and it can be said that exercising also helps to improve muscle tone in the buttocks area, and it should be noted the need to combine exercises that burn calories and exercises that the strength increases, and this will be shown below.

Calorie burning exercises Practicing these exercises aims to burn calories, and these exercises include the following:

Climbing the stairs: Eliminating the moving and electric elevators and climbing the stairs on the feet at a rate of 90 steps per minute for two minutes a day, five times a week greatly affects the burning of calories and improving physical fitness.

Hiking: It gives similar benefits to climbing stairs and calories can also be burned by climbing, climbing hills and higher areas to enhance the effect of this exercise.

Rock climbing: This exercise burns almost twice as many calories as hiking or climbing stairs, and some gyms can provide indoor rock-climbing areas, which is a relatively safe way to learn climbing.

Yoga Exercises: help yoga to improve flexibility and promote relaxation, preferably practice these exercises from 15 to 20 minutes.

High-intensity phase exercise: It is a group of high-intensity exercises, from 12 to 15 exercises that are practiced alternately; Where each exercise requires a short period (30 seconds) or more, and then a transition is made to a type of light exercise, then the transition to the next exercise of high-intensity phases exercises, and the following is a set of high-intensity exercises that help burn fat in the buttocks area:

  1. Jumping jack exercise.
  2. Push-up exercise.
  3. Jogging in place.
  4. Crunch exercise, sometimes called stomach exercise.
  5. Leg lifts exercises.
  6. Exercise build on the elbows known exercises.
  7. Parallel or Dips exercise.


strength exercises

Strength training helps burn calories, and these exercises include:

·       Wall chair pose exercise.
·       Lunging exercises.
·       Kicking exercise.
· Squats, and the following points show the method of this exercise:
·       Leave a distance between the legs about the width of the shoulders.

·       Keep the arms straight forward for balance.
·    Slowly lower towards the floor, such as imagining sitting slowly on a chair until the knees angle at 90 degrees, with the need to prevent the knees from bending inward, then stand up slowly and repeat the exercise.

Ways to lose thighs

Burning more calories helps lose fat regardless of its location in the body, and building muscle increases burning calories and helps improve body shape, so the previous exercises help to get rid of buttocks fat in particular and body fat in general, in addition to previous exercises, can get rid of the accumulated fat in the thighs or legs by following the following tips:

Aerobic Exercise: As the first step is to burn fat in the body is to begin to exercise aerobic exercise, most adults are advised to exercise calisthenics moderate intensity (at least 150 minutes per week).

Strengthening the muscles: As fat loss alone causes sagging, so a time must be set to increase muscle strength in the thighs area, and one of the best exercises is lunge exercises, and the following points show the correct way to exercise the lunge:

  • ·   Stand steady, and place your hands on your hips for balance.
  ·   Extend the right leg forward, bring the left leg back, then bend the right leg to a right angle.

  • ·       Repeat the previous step by switching feet.

Reducing calories: It should be noted that there is no magic diet to get rid of fat from the thighs, but it is considered necessary to reduce the calories consumed in order to get rid of excess fat, including thigh fat; The body will be forced to use the extra fat as an energy source naturally.


Diet for slimming buttocks and thighs

When changing daily eating habits is combined with exercise, it helps to burn calories and lose fat significantly, and it does not require a strict diet, but a healthy and balanced diet, through:

  • ·       Drink water and fluids in sufficient quantities, to maintain body moisture, and reduce the visibility of cellulite in the thighs and buttocks.
  • ·       Avoid eating sugar.
  • ·       Reducing starch and refined carbohydrates and increasing consumption of whole grains.
  • ·       Choose lean protein and healthy fats and eat them in moderation.
  • ·       Eating more vegetables and fruits.
  • ·       Reduce the foods that contain empty calories, the foods that give high - calorie food and the elements of a few.