The Best Fat Burning Exercises That Work

The Best Fat Burning Exercises That Work

Fat Burning Exercises


Fats are a group of compounds that consist of fatty acids, and the human body obtains fats from plant foods such as vegetables and animal oils, and red meat, and the body stores excess calories in the form of subcutaneous fat, and fats are divided into two parts.They are saturated fats and these fats are often solid at normal temperatures, and unsaturated and are in liquid form at normal temperatures, and it should be noted that liquid fats are best for human health, but unfortunately there are many people who suffer from the accumulation of fat under the skin In some parts of their body, such as: the abdomen, hands, and thighs, but there are many Fat Burning Exercises that help them get rid of these fats in a simple way.

Fat burning exercises

Squatting session: Squatting is one of the most important activities that help burn the fat accumulated in the lower part of the body, and it also helps to strengthen the muscles in this part of the body, such as the muscles of the thighs, and the muscles surrounding the pelvis, and it's performed for fifteen minutes, on a daily basis, and for a period of thirty days, this is how it performed:

  • Stand straight, taking care to keep the feet from each other for a distance of twenty centimeters, and then start lowering the body gradually until burning max fat and reaching a squat shape.
  • Stand straight and keep the feet away from each other for a distance of a meter, then start lowering the body gradually until reaching a squat shape.

Plank exercise: The plank is also called the elbow exercise, and this exercise is very useful in burning fat and strengthening the muscles of both the heart and shoulders, in addition to its ability to burn the fat fast in the upper part of the body, and it is performed through:

  • Lie on the floor with your face facing the ground.
  • Lift the body and rest on the toes and elbows, then return to its first position, making sure that the back is straight.

Repeat this exercise several times for five minutes.

Push up: As far as workouts go, push-ups are among the most vital exercises. This is because it includes many muscles of the body, such as the chest muscle, the triceps, the back muscles, the front shoulder muscle, in addition to the calf and thigh muscles, and this exercise has many benefits, including strengthening the nerves, muscle fibers, and stimulating blood circulation, and it helps to activate the heart and strengthen its work, this exercise is performed through:

  • Lie on the floor, hands at a right angle to either side of the head.
  • Lift the body using the hands so that they become straight, and the body is fixed with the tips of the toes, and this position must be held for a few seconds before returning to the original position.