What is Diet Water and How Does It Help In Weight Loss?

What is Diet Water and How Does It Help In Weight Loss?


What is Diet Water

What Is Diet Water

The water diet is defined as one of the ways to lose weight, and is characterized by a strict diet; Because it is not allowed to eat any kind of food and drinks except water, but it requires at times to drink only water for several days, and then eat fruits and vegetables when the weight begins to decrease, and at other times it is allowed to eat apples alongside water, that's why nutritionist Julie Upton described it as fasting.

Water Diet Method

This diet originated in 1980 by an unknown person to this day, and its mechanism is based on drinking or eating water for three days in a row without eating any type of food until weight is lost within a short period, as it reduces about 1.3 to 2.2 kilograms weight in three days.

Water Diet Benefits

The water diet has many advantages, the most important of which are the following:

Reducing bloating and maintaining a person's feeling of satiety, which leads to reducing the accumulation of fatty substances in the body.

Warming the body when drinking cold water, which leads to burning additional calories.

Remove toxic and harmful substances from the human body. low cost; Because water is available anywhere and anytime.

Disadvantages Of A Water Diet

A number of negative effects result when following a water diet, the most important of which are the following:

Rapid weight loss, and upon completion of the diet, weight gain is also rapid.

Not suitable for people who suffer from diseases or have undergone surgery.

The breakdown of the muscles of the body due to the significant deficiency of vitamins in the body.

The possibility of diabetes and dehydration.

Frequent urge to urinate.

Experiment about water diet

A man from Arizona states that he lost about 4.5 kilograms of weight after three days in a row in one month of following the water diet, knowing that he exercised and ate healthy diets in the remaining days of the same month, while studies indicated that a group of people lost about 22.6-31.7 kilograms in one year of following the same diet.

Water Diet To Lose Belly Fat

Water is one of the basic and important components that the human body needs to get rid of accumulated fatty substances, as the body contains 55-75% of water to carry out chemical reactions responsible for the physiological processes necessary to remove fatty substances in the body, and in general, it helps to get rid of waste to reduce from kidney stone disease, in other words, it helps the kidneys in their work.

How Does Water Diet Work

The water diet depends on drinking large amounts of water, which in turn works to get rid of fat, but before starting the water diet, you must consult a specialist, for everybody has a nature that differs from other bodies, and to ensure the effectiveness of the water diet system, The water diet must be adhered to until the end of the specified period in order to obtain actual results.

The first day: you should drink an amount equivalent to eight glasses of water, along with drinking an amount of apple juice, to help get rid of toxins in the body, and drinking a lot of water may cause a person to feel hungry, and in this case, he should eat some vegetables and fruits.

The second day: Eat some vegetables with few calories, in order to give the body energy. Among the vegetables that are recommended to be eaten are carrots, because they contain energy to supply the body with them. On the second day, the amount of water must be increased to reach ten cups.

The third day: Drink eight glasses of water on the third day, until we get the desired result, and on this day it is allowed to eat boiled vegetables, without putting salt on them.

Fourth day: Drink eight glasses of water, do not eat vegetables and fruits, except for bananas, and drink a small amount of milk.

Fifth day: It is the last day of the water diet, so you must drink eight glasses of water, but if you feel hungry and tired, you can eat a small amount of meat, and a few tomatoes.

After completing the water diet, the person can return to his normal position, but he must make a specific diet that he adheres to.