Is Yoga Good For Weight Loss


Yoga is a form of exercise that can stimulate weight loss. By doing yoga, you will also train your body and heighten your balance ability. With its growing popularity, yoga is still not fully understood by some people. There are many misconceptions about yoga. This article will shed some light on the benefits of yoga when losing weight.

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Benefits of yoga for weight loss

Weight loss depends mainly on reducing the number of calories consumed and exercising, which contributes to burning fat. However, yoga also has benefits in losing weight, as it is considered one of the ways that may contribute to changing behaviours and helping to lose and maintain weight through the following factors:


Direct Effect On Fat Burning

Yoga is not considered an aerobic exercise characterized by its ability to burn a lot of calories. It is believed to cause some weight loss, especially in certain types of yoga that contain more physical movement than others, such as Ashtanga type, Vinyasa yoga, Power yoga, and if the main goal of yoga is to lose weight, it is preferable to practice it along with other sports such as running, walking or any other aerobic exercises to notice better results. However, in the end, it is an exercise. 

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The Effect Of Yoga On Sleep

Good sleep is often associated with weight loss, as lack of sleep negatively affects the body's processes, including burning fat, and practising yoga can help improve sleep quality.

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Relaxing Yoga Effect On Weight Loss

The practice of yoga can increase awareness and alertness, which makes a person more able to resist unhealthy foods, and it also contributes to increasing harmony with the body; This increases feelings of fullness and stops eating, and yoga may also have positive short-term benefits in terms of impulsive eating and helping to relieve binge eating disorders. 


Yoga Exercises That Help Burn Fat

While traditional yoga types rely on breathing techniques combined with static postures, other types of yoga combine meditative breathing with faster, more active movements and thus help burn fat. Examples of these exercises:


Ashtanga Yoga: This is a very powerful technique. Beginners are often encouraged to engage in a series of these exercises, as it helps motivate them and has the advantage of following the same series of poses each time. 

Power Yoga: This type of yoga builds on the same body heat and intensity as the previous type but does not have a fixed series of poses. It is also quite popular in a lot of other countries.

Hot yoga: This type of yoga is done in a room where the temperature is high and thus increases sweating.

If there is not enough time to perform a complete series of exercises, some individual yoga poses that may help burn fat can be performed: 

Sun Salutations: It is preferable to perform at least ten repetitions of this movement. The intensity of the exercise can be increased by holding the position for longer periods or accelerating the pace of the exercise.

Boat pose: This pose engages the entire body, especially the core, and helps reduce stress.

Boat pose Image

Plank pose: it is preferable to spend 10 to 20 minutes doing different forms of plank pose.

Plank Pose Image


Which Yoga Style Is Best for Weight Loss?

Yoga is a popular practice that teaches agility and health. If you are looking to lose weight, there are many different types of yoga that may help. If you normally take a calm and quiet approach to yoga, but want more of an intense workout, try a more physical version of yoga. Active styles of yoga, like power yoga or Ashtanga, are more likely to motivate you to lose weight.

Is 30 Minutes Of Yoga Per Day Sufficient For Weight Loss?

Studies proved Yoga to be an excellent technique to lose weight and increase overall well-being. A simple 30 minutes of yoga each day may quickly transform many bad behaviors into lifestyle-altering practices. In contrast to most typical exercises, Yoga does not have to feel like a workout. Clarity and good breathing are the foundations of many yoga teachings.

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